Health and wealth in Mesoamerica

Healthand wealth in Mesoamerica

Povertyhas been associated with economic status ever since the term came toexistence. Studies have been conducted to associate other markersapart from economic status to poverty to help clearly understand theimpact and the basis on which poverty can be fully grasped. Further,these studies have helped build a clear picture on the magnitudepoverty has in the society as well as a means to alleviate povertyburden by assessing these markers of poverty. Health status andoutcome has risen up questions over the relationship between healthand poverty. This is among the diverse viewpoints of markers ofpoverty.

Economicstatus has divided the society in the social groupings that hascreated disparity in the relationship between different economicclasses. However, health and disease has no boundaries and cannot bedictated by economic status but on the on the other hand it caninfluence the impact on society. Poverty dictates the kind ofhealthcare provides to the individuals in the society. The poor willalways get the cheap services or may not be able to access healthcareservices while the rich will always get the best money can buy.Poverty affects the health status in the sense that it exposes thepeople to disease associated with inadequate or unbalanced foods suchmalnutrition as well as communicable diseases associated with poorsanitary condition.


Thestudy has focused on the impact of poverty on health as marker forpoverty. It has shown a relationship between the two aspects with aclear cut line of the effect it has. The area selected Mesoamerica isone of the areas of poor population in the Central America thatoffers a more practical understanding of the residue effects povertyhas on the health status and outcome on the community. The datacollected was part of the Salud Mesoamerica Initiative 2015 with thegoal of bettering the conditions of the poor. This in itself gives abasis for understanding the critical role poverty has on the healthoutcome. The data collected was in all intended purpose across theboard to have a vivid idea of the study including house hold,maternal health and child health information (Mokdadet al, 2015).


Thefindings of the study revealed disparities related to exposureto health initiative programmes, health behaviours, and risk factorsamong the poor.It showed that there was a disparity in poverty and health outcome.Education was also a keen issue in the study whereby mothers who wereeducated could tell of sign and symptoms of ill health and understandthe impact it has. Keenly noted is that the health indicators thatare used can be used for the rich as well as the poor families.

Thestudy concluded that a better understanding of the term poverty beaddressed. Solving health problems helps alleviate the stress burdenon poverty. This deals with one of the many hindrances in earningtheir income as well as sustainability of life. Education is a keyaspect in better health and better economic ability.

Thearticle is eye opening and is well expressed in terms of evidenceprovided. Statistical analysis carried out helps to support thefinding of the study giving the aspect of originality. The command ofscience and good literature has made the work more appealing to thereader. Simplicity as well as complexity is well achieved in thestudy making it clearer to understand. The paper has driven the pointhome and has been able to capture to essence of the finding of theproblem statement of the study.


Mokdad,AH. et al. (2015). : findings fromSalud Mesomérica 2015. BMCMed.13(1):164.