Health Care Interview Florida Community

HealthCare Interview: Florida Community

1.What would you consider to be the Value/Belief Pattern of thecommunity population in Hollywood, Florida?

Thepopulation considers health an important aspect of life.

2.Predominant ethnic and cultural groups and any health beliefs?

Thecommunity is predominantly white Americans.

3.What are the predominant health problems you see in the clinic?

Majorhealth problems among the group include heart disease. According tocenter for disease control, this is the major cause of death inFlorida.

4.Are there prevention programs (dental, fire, fitness, safety, etc.)available to the community? Does the community think these aresufficient?

Thecommunity has prevention programs in place including several policestations, a fire station, nine fitness centers and nine dentaloffices. The community is contented with the support programs in thearea.

5.Comment and rate the Affordability of food/available discounts orfood programs and usage (e.g., WIC, food boxes, soup kitchens,meals-on-wheels, food stamps, senior discounts, employee discounts,etc.).

Floridahas 116 Food pantries, food banks and soup kitchen. This makes foodreadily available and affordable to the population. There are also 23water fountains.

6.Are there Environmental Health Concerns in the Hollywood community? (Examples: Common air contaminants’ impact on the community,Noise, Waste disposal, Pest control?)

Thereare various environmental health issues in Florida. The air qualityis 70 on a scale to 100, which means there is high level ofpollution. The main pollutant is dust. Noise is also a concernespecially during the day. Waste disposal is adequate and is donethree times a week.

7.Are there activity and exercise programs available to the adults andyouth?

Thereare different fitness programs available for the youth and adults inFlorida including ten community centers which offer fitness programs,summer camps for kids, YMCA, yoga and karate.

8.Sleep routines/hours of your community?

a).Factors affecting sleep: there are different factors affecting sleepamong the populace in Florida. They include shift work preferred bycommunity members environmental distracters like noise, crowding andlights consumption of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and drugsextracurricular activities during bed time like TV watching, chattingon social media and health problems like heart disease, dementia andCOPD.

b).Shift work prevalence of community members: the community membersworks from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

9.Primary language: Is this a communication barrier?

Theprimary language in Florida is English. There is no communicationbarrier noted in Florida.

10.Do you tend to see a disparity in the Educational levels of peopleyou see?

Thereis no disparity in education level within the community. There aresufficient educational institutions and programs which are wellattended. They include community colleges, continuing education, andspecial schools and programs.

11.Interaction of community members (e.g., friendliness, openness,bullying, prejudices, etc.)?

Thereis friendliness in the community and there are no issues ofprejudice.

12.Is there relationships with a broader community?

Thereare sufficient relationships in the broader community with Hollywoodpolice department being easily accessible for the community. The firedepartment is adjacent to the police station and the response isabout five to seven minutes. There are blood drives done every monthat local movie theatre and community stores.

13.Delinquency/violence issues?

Thereare domestic violence issues in the community.

14.Crime issues/indicators?

Violentlevels are considerably low with arrests in 2013 at Broward Countybeing 75,364 and 76,659 in 2014.

15.Poverty issues/indicators?

Thereare no indicators for poverty.

16.Prevalent mental health issues/concerns:

Thereare mental health issues in Florida just like in any other community.

17.How does the community deal with mental health issues?

Thereare very limited mental resources in this community. There is a daycare called Daycare Dolls which is concerned with care of the elderlyand individuals with mental health problems.

18.Are there enough mental health professionals within community and doyou think the community uses them to their potential?

Thereare many mental health professionals in Florida.