Health Organization case study



HealthOrganization case study

HealthOrganization case study

TheBlue Cross Blue Shield Association is the largest federation ofprivate health insurers in the United States and the world. Thefederation has 37 affiliated private health insurers and companiesproviding a wide range of health insurance services in the UnitedStates. It is estimated that one out of three Americans are insuredby an affiliate of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. This meansthat the federation insures more than one hundred million Americans.The institution was established in 1929 although there have beennumerous changes and development in the structure of theorganization. Blue shield and blue cross were established asdifferent organizations covering different niches in the health careinsurance. Blue shield included health insurers in the physiciancover services while blue cross was concerned with hospital servicescover. Blue cross was formed in the late 1920s as an association ofhealth care insurers in the United States. On the other hand, theblue shield was developed by major employers especially in the miningindustry in the northwest. It was a medical service bureau where amonthly payment was made to a group of physicians who providedmedical services. However, due to the increased need for health careinsurance in the United States, the government established apartnership with the two companies. In 1882, the two organizationsmerged to form the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (Blue CrossBlue Shield website).

AlthoughBlue Cross Blue Shield Association was changed into a profit makingorganization in the 1990s, it has had a huge impact on the UnitedStates health care systems. However, it is important to note that inthe current structure of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, theinsurance companies in the organization are independent companieswhich operate with no direct influence from the association. Theindependent insurance companies are licensees of the Blue Cross BlueShield Association and operate within defined regions and offershealth insurance programs using the association’s brand name. As aresult, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association offers insurance coverthroughout the country, in all states. In some states, the Blue CrossBlue Shield Association acts as an administrator of the public fundedinsurance programs such as Medicare. Through partnership with thegovernment, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is also able toprovide coverage to state and federal government’s employees underthe federal health benefit plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield website).

Overthe years, the Blue Cross Blue Shield has played an important role inthe health care industry. This has been through the provision ofaffordable and accessible health insurance policies. Additionally,the institution will have huge impacts in the future of healthinsurance in the United States. Although there have been argumentsthat the health care reforms by Obama administration which seeks toincrease the number of Americans covered by the public fundedinsurance programs will have a negative impacts on private healthinsurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield has the necessary infrastructuresfor the future. The institution has been inexistence for almost acentury. Therefore, it has the institutional experience and capacityto face emerging challenges that will shape the future of theAmerican health care system (Goodman, 2010).

Accordingto the Blue Cross Blue Shield website, the organization hasinstitutional good will and commitment to improve wellness and healthamong Americans. This commitment has kept the organization strongdespite the huge challenges that have faced the United States healthcare system over the years. the strength of Blue Cross Blue Shield asan institution which will enable it influence the future of healthcare insurance is the fact that it commitment to quality andaffordable services goes beyond providing healthcare insurancecoverage. The Blue Cross Blue Shield is committed to promoting healthin the community and investing in the future of the over 100 millionAmericans insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The BlueCross Blue Shield appreciates the fact that it has the responsibilityof tackling some of the most important challenges facing the Americansociety today and the future, accessible and affordable health care.Thus, Blue Cross Blue Shield has launched programs that will increasethe accessibility of health insurance and health care to allAmericans in the future. Specifically, Blue Cross Blue Shield isconcentrating on how it can increase coverage among underservedcommunities in the American society. Increasing coverage among theuncovered will with no doubt be the most important contribution intothe future of health care. Additionally, the Blue Cross Blue Shieldis seeking to increase corroboration hospitals as well as physiciansin order to increase the effectiveness of service delivery andimproving the system. The collaboration is also aimed at promotinghealth living among the over 100 million Americans insured by theassociation (Independence Blue Cross, 2015). Despite the fact healthchallenges are unique across the client base the Blue Cross BlueShield is committed to make a difference in the future throughpatient education. These social initiatives are contained in thenewly launched “investing in America’s health’ program (Casey,2015).

Thereare several indicators that suggest that Blue Cross Blue Shield isready and committed to face the challenges today and the future. Thisis contained in what is commonly referred to as The Power of Blue inthe organization blogs. This includes improving access to health carein all parts of the world. In every state and city in the UnitedStates, American can access health care services through the supportBlue Cross Blue Shield health insurance companies. The financialassistance programs enable millions of Americans to access healthcare services throughout the United States. With the increased costof healthcare services in the modern world, the support services willhave a huge influence on the health care industry. Blue Cross BlueShield health insurance companies are also investing heavily inprograms and partnerships that promote quality health care servicesas well as safety. While accessibility to healthcare services is alsoa major issue in the future of health care, quality and safety of theservices will be the most important factor. For example, Blue CrossBlue Shield is funding medical research and training for medical careworkers to ensure that the front line team in the medical field isprepared for the challenges. Blue Cross Blue Shield approaches to thefuture challenges in the health care industry are based on theunderstanding that a healthy lifestyle will have a huge impact in thefuture of the health care. As a result, the organization has launchedprograms that aim at promoting health lifestyles which reducesincidences of obesity in children and adults and thus reduction inrelated diseases (Casey, 2015).


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