Human Resource Skills

HumanResource Skills

HumanResource Skills

Conversationwith the employee

HRManager: Morning,hope everything is okay?How can I be of assistance?

Employee:Ihave come to talk to you about my male co-worker who has constantlymade sexual advances towards me and I have repeatedly warned him ofhis unwanted advances. In my hand, I have a formal letter in regardsto his sexual innuendos. The contents of the letter are accurate andto the best of my knowledge. I first forwarded the letter to theDisciplinary Board about two months ago, who gave him an oral warningof his sexual advances. Below the letter is a stamped seal from theBoard, which proofs that I forwarded a formal complaint of hisconduct and ethical behavior towards me in the presence of otherco-workers in my department. I am here to formally complain to youthat I am sexually harassed in the workplace which is affecting thequality of my work. Furthermore, the Disciplinary Board reminded himof the company policy and its strong stance in any form of harassmentfrom all employees (Givesthe letter to the Human Resource Manager).

HRManager: Thankyou for forwarding this complaint to me directly without involvingthe Departmental and the Management Board. For how long has he beenharassing you?

Employee:Hefirst started his sexual harassments when we were assigned the sameproject 9months ago, ever since the office environment is alwaystense and uncomfortable for me to realize my full potential.

HRManager: Thankyou for formally filing this harassment claim with me, I am sorry forthe harsh environment created by one of our own. I will resolve thesituation in the soonest time possible.

Conversationwith the Employee Male Co-worker

HRManager:Goodmorning, please have a seat. There are allegations that you have madeunwanted sexual advances against your co-worker and you have notdesisted from this behavior after you were summoned by theDisciplinary Board. It has come to my attention that you have madethese sexual innuendos for the past 9 months. Here I have a formalletter filed against you and stamped by the Disciplinary Board whichmeans these claims are true (givesthe letter to the employee male co-worker to confirm its legitimate).Therefore,since you have breached the corporate by-laws of this company, Ihereby suspend you with immediate effect so that we can conductfurther investigation of your conduct in this company.

EmployeeMale Co-worker(leavesthe HR office and clears his office desk).


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