Human Resource Strategy

HumanResource Strategy

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HumanResource Strategy

HardRock Café is among the best café restaurants in the United Statesdue to its customer-friendly services which personalize eachcustomer’s service while making orders and payments. Over theyears, Hard Rock has received various rewards for its amazingcustomer-delivery services and the fact that it promotes equalitywithout any discrimination to either their employees or clients. Thispaper will discuss the human resource strategy enforced by Hard RockCafé.

Thesuccess of the café is based on how the management treats theiremployees. From the video clip it’s evident that all new employeesundergo a training program that sensitizes them of their employeerights. This training is dubbed as ‘Rock 101’ which is a 2 daytraining course to instill ‘Hard Rock Values’ to the newemployees because the management wants their service to stand outfrom the other cafes. The human resource strategy enforced is theessence of creating a communal life among all employees wherebywaiters and waitresses can freely interact with their supervisors andmanagers without feeling a sense of intimidation or inferiority.Establishing a communal lifestyle among the employees helps breakdown barriers in all operational systems and structures likecommunication, distribution and service delivery since there is afriendly environment within the café (Heizer,&amp Render, 2004).It is important to note that the 2 day training is customizeddepending on the employees’ needs to ensure that the training makesan impact in their personal lives. The training entails visualpresentation of employee conduct through the use CDs as well as theactual practice with clients. Additionally, Hard Rock Café haveestablished a friendly working culture whereby all employees despitetheir race, religion, ethnicity or gender feel appreciated andtreasured on a personal level. This has helped the café attractmillions of applicants from across the country.

Ingeneral, the human resource strategy enforced by Hard Rock Café isequally employee and customer oriented hence making the environmentconducive for everyone who walks into the café for a cup of tea or ajob.


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