Impacts of Information Technology on a Volunteer Organization

Impactsof Information Technology on a Volunteer Organization


Impactsof information technology on a volunteer organization

Successfulorganizations, including non-profit organizations rely on availabletechnology to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations(Davoren, 2015). Information Technology affects a volunteerorganization in various ways. Most communication in my enterpriseutilizes the latest Information Technology such as social mediaplatforms. Official communication within the organization is mainlydone through emails and electronic newsletters. For a volunteerorganization to have effective communication, it has to adopt andembrace the latest Information Technology. Service delivery isanother area that is greatly impacted by Information Technology.Mobile computing is a form of Information Technology, which hasgreatly enhanced service delivery in the volunteer enterprise that Iwork in. Many volunteer organizations rely on Information Technologyfor their fundraising projects. Without the use of InformationTechnology volunteer organizations would be so challenged in carryingout effective and successful fundraising activities that they mainlyrely on for financial support.

Thereare several types of Information Technology in my volunteerorganization. Transacting Processing System is used in datacollection, storage, processing operations of the organization.According to Davoren (2015), many volunteer organizations do notrequire so many personnel because they need to cut labor cost, sothey mainly depend on Information Technology based on real-time orbatch processing for their core operations. Knowledge management is aform of Information Technology system used in my organization tobring improvement, enhance performance, and maintain knowledge withthe enterprise. Business Intelligence System is used in my enterpriseto identify, extort and evaluate data for various operational needs,mainly for decision-making purposes. From this context, it is clearthat Information Technology is highly important in a volunteerorganization for its day –to-day operations, decision making,knowledge management and the general good performance of theenterprise as a whole.

Insideand outside stakeholders need to be made aware and knowledgeable toimportant information about the organization. Information on theactual performance of the organization, the mission, vision andobjectives of the organization is highly important to both theinternal and external stakeholders of the organization. It isimportant to point out that such important information iscommunicated to an organization’s stakeholders using InformationTechnology systems such as emails, mobile phones, and electronicletters. Currently, Information Technology adds so much value in myorganization. Communication is efficient and effective amongemployees leading to fast and effective operations hence enhancingthe organization’s performance. Information Technology adds valueto employees though knowledge management, training and educationleading to highly skilled and professional personnel that contributesto the good performance of the organization (Lovejoy&amp Saxton, 2012).Most importantly, Information Technology adds value to anorganization in service delivery and strategic planning making anorganization highly effective and efficient.

InformationTechnology and knowledge will create value for this organization invarious ways in the next five years. In the next five years, theupdated Information Technology adopted by the organization will allowfast and highly effective communication. In the next five years, theorganizations will have highly intelligent and skilled personnelbecause of enhanced Information Technology (Davoren, 2015 Lovejoy&amp Saxton, 2012).It is important to point out that in the next few years, volunteerorganization such as the one I work, which will embrace thedeveloping technology, will have highly effective and successfulfundraising projects. Information technology will also be importantfor a volunteer organization in the next five years for efficientoperations, strategic management and the overall management of theorganization.


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