Influence of Entertainment Media


Influenceof Entertainment Media

Influenceof Entertainment Media

Theentertainment media has affected the American culture in bothpositive as well as negative ways cutting across from the wayindividuals portray violence within the society, to the sexual scenesdepicted in most of the movies as well as television programs.Entertainment media primarily visual media has influenced the spreadof cultural traits such as music, food habits and entertainment. Themedia forms such television and films give platform at which a senseof style, sexuality or even social class isestablished.The media has also shaped people’s perception considered right orwrong, the moral and immoral, and positive and negative things.


Visualmedia has promoted the marketing and advertising industries to selland promote their products. The process has beenconductedthrough airing commercial adverts on televisions and as well the useof prominent identities to endorse new products in the market. Thecelebrities channeled on visual entertainment media also influenceour lifestyles, that is, the decision to choose the music we listento, and our dress code as others are linked with sports (Rothschild,2011).Consequently,the survey also indicates that individuals who spend more time onmedia are likely to be less committed to the moral values, virtues,and beliefs, which are the key fundamental contributors to personalcharacters, responsibilities and social stability in the society.

Thesocial influences of entertainment media have a higher percentage ofnegative impacts as compared to the benefits. The visual media suchas television programs and films have greatadverse effects on the society. Indeed, the society as a whole havebeen exposed to criminal behaviors, senseless violence, racialdiscrimination, nudity and other anti-social elements as mediainfluences. Such actions have driven the American citizens towardsdistinguishing what is morally right or wrong thus substantiallyaffecting various aspects of citizen’s culture. The act of watchingviolence on television, films or movies has desensitized teenagersthus the majority will form the habit of viewing violence in reallife as a regularroutine.Others may become victims of domestic violence concerning what theyareexposedto at their tender age. Ahigher percentage of negative influence, especially on children, haveresulted from the industry of music through music videos (Mukherji,2000).

Theentertainment media both act as a reflection of as well as for thesocietal behaviors and attitudes. Even though the media gives anindividual what to think about, it cannot tell anyone what to think.Individuals’ thought, as well as ideas on a particular topic, aredecisions made at a personal level. It is true that the media do getideas based on the trends within different cultures, and as wellhelps to shape such patterns through various forms. Regardless ofchanges, being positive or negative will depend on individual’smoral views or beliefs (Ferguson et al. 2014). Children,for example, who see contents that displays sex are not positiveinfluence though such videos are the ones being sold in today’ssociety thus it is upon parents responsibility to control as well asto monitor the types of media their children get exposed to or accesswithin their age stages.The parental guide, therefore, are very vital to ensure that thecontents of media entertainment their children view are acceptableand constitute to the moral standards rather than harmful.


Themajority of the American citizens do believe that entertainment mediahas greatly contributed to the damage of the nation’s moral values.Eventhough entertainment media has resulted in some positive impacts, ahigh percentage reveals that greater exposure to the media,especially when comparison is made on the time spent to watchtelevision in the evening correlates with the decrease in standardsof social relations as well as the moral values to be upheld.Individuals who are prone of watching television are likely toassociate their relations towards sexual morality such homosexualpractices, abortion or even extramarital sex that are influenced byentertainment media. Other than the observable moral issues, themedia has also affected citizen’s attitudes to their character. Themajority of them have missed recognizing responsibilitiescharacterized by their honesty, self-reliance or rather charity. Itis, therefore, evident that there is anerosion of the nation’s moral values contributed by theentertainment media within the society.


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