Information and Communication Technologies

Informationand Communication Technologies


Informationand Communication Technologies

Intoday health care, information is the hugest resource for itspractitioners. In the recent past, the medical fraternity hasembarked on a strategy of using a single database where informationis stored (Westbrook,2007).Many of such database ire in existence and play a vital role indeveloping the practice and experience of nurses and also doctors inthe healthcare practitioner. All the latest development in thehandling of a particular ailment can be shared with otherprofessionals around the globe. The database helps in informing thehealth care fraternity on the most important developments in theparticular area of specialization (Dössel,2009).

Ifthe technology were widely used in the nursing practice, the nursingpractitioners would be on a new level since information will beabundant. Trends in the patient care and disease control will alsoare enhanced through the exchange of experiences by the variousnurses across the globe (Nøhr,2010).Limited facilities are one of the hindering factors as is limitedaccess to the internet by those in the practice. The opposition frommembers of the profession, resistant to change is another hinderingfactor to wider implementation and adoption of the technology (Jena&amp Philipson, 2009).

Widerimplementation of the technology could be facilitated by thestakeholder. Collaboration between the private and the publicauthorities is vital for successful implementation. As such, theauthorities are expected to invest more in ensuring that access tointernet and computer by professional is increased. Another issue isto create awareness of the existence of the tool so that we canincrease information sharing. Information is power and access to itwill help in improving the current situation in the field ofmedicine, the nursing profession, and health care in general(Kostkova,2010).


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