Interview with Doctor Charlotte Bech

Interviewwith Doctor Charlotte Bech

Afterwaiting for some few days the doctor agreed to grant me an interviewafter a series emails. Because Dr. Charlotte Bech is a busy person, Ihad to go straight to the point, as there was no time for chitchat. Iwanted to know more about Transcendental Meditation.

Ifirst asked her if she recommends Transcendental Meditation to herpatients. She told me that she recommends it to every single patientthat visits her clinic. She went ahead to tell me that some learn tomeditate by themselves as it has proven to be of remarkable impact inthe general health of her previous patients. She added that it helpsreduce stress and according to her accumulated or high stress levelsleads to many diseases. Here she gave an example of high bloodpressure and chronic disease as illnesses that are related to highstress levels.

Ithen asked if people who tend to practice Transcendental Meditationoften are safer from becoming ill regularly. She was very confidentin her answer that it is affirmative people who often meditate fallsick less often because meditation tends to reduce stress levels. Sheadded that if one has low stress levels their immune systems tend tobe strong so they do not catch infections often or easily.

Sheconcluded that Transcendental Meditation has proved to be effectivein addition to other methods of treating people that she applies. Shetold that she could advice all doctors worldwide to recommend ittheir patients as it has been of great impact to her own patients.She said that after meditation her patients have reported that theyare happy and they often assume a positive outlook towards life.


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