Leadership and Management Skills


Leadershipand Management Skills

Leadershipand Management Skills

Managementin health care is an important aspect of effective running of ahealth care facility and requires expertise and managerial skills.One of the most important skills is decision making expertise inadministrative operations. The management of a health care facilityinvolves making a series of decisions on a daily basis (Andrew &ampScowcroft, 2011). According to Kieran and Smith (2011), effectiveplanning skills are also needed for management of a health carefacility. Therefore, having skills to analyze the operationalcircumstances and making the best decisions is not only important forthe running of a health care, but also in the planning function ofthe management.

Atthe same time, leadership skills are needed to effectively manage ahealth care facility. While leadership and management are different,the former is more influential than the latter (Rosch &amp Kusel,2010). One of the most important leadership skills is propercommunication skills to engage the staff and the customers. The skillis important because it helps the management to communicate thevision and mission of the health care facility to the other membersof the organization. Moreover, proper communication skills areinstrumental in influencing the behavior of the people in anorganization.

Havinggood people skills is perhaps the most unavoidable skill to have forboth leaders and managers. This is because leadership and managementinvolve managing and influencing people and people are the corecomponent of a health care facility (Hubber,2014).Having people skills involves ability to talk to all peopleprofessionally and nicely, managing patients, solving employees’problems, social interaction and proper human resource management.Moreover, having team building skills is important for both managersand leaders (Nahavandi, 2014). This is because the skill helpsinfluence the behavior of people in a health care facility byaligning their objective to the overall organizational objectives,mission and vision.


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