Levi Jeans Disposal

LeviJeans: Disposal:

MostPeople, both male and female across all ages seem to have completelyfallen in love with jean clothing. However, there comes a time inlife when one feels the need to change their wardrobe or replacethose jeans that they have had for a long time with some new ones.Some of these clothes might still be in perfect conditions, but oneis just not into the idea of having them anymore. There are alsothose clothes that kids have outgrown and they cannot be wornanymore. This essay aims at exploring the disposal of jean clothesafter they are out of the companies onto the customers’ hands.

Whencustomers do not want their jeans clothes anymore, there are severalthings they can do. Some people choose to get rid of the unwantedjeans by giving the wearable jeans to family members and friends ordonating them to charity and private investors. Others decide to usethem in making money by re-selling them to other people. Anothergroup of people simply choose to dispose them (Cathy, 2009). Somedecide to continue having their jeans, but in different forms .PeopleMay reuse their jeans in different ways and forms. The chart belowshows the frequency of how different people deal with their old,torn, or out of fashion jeans

Figure 1: frequencyof what people do to their unwanted jeans.

Thereare those jeans that one may love so much and is not ready to let go.They are simply recycled and reused in different ways. This meansthat one will still have them but in different forms. A torn jean canbe carefully repaired by adding a patch to the torn apart. Having itwell done could even make it better than the original piece sincepatched clothes seem to be more fashionable (Levi Strauss and Co2015) Trousers whose pants side is still in good condition can be cutdown into shorts that are as good as other original pairs of shorts.Some people opt to turn the jeans into cleaning and wiping items likerags. Trouser legs can be sewn into aprons and wall organizers. Yet,others make sofa covers and pillows out of the clothes. What can morebeautiful than a handbag made out of a trousers panty side withalready made pockets?

Ajean made handbag.

Cathy(2009) explains that there are a lot of things that jean clothes canbe turned into including sandals and even gadget protectors.

Jeanmade shoes

Witha little imagination, it is easy and lot of fun creating a new thingout of old, torn forgotten jean and might save you the trouble ofbuying things you can easily make for yourself at no cost. Jeans thatcannot be re-used, recycled or donated are put into compost bins fordecomposition.

.Mostof the jeans are mainly made of pure cotton. Levi Strauss &amp Co(2015) confirms that cotton is a biodegradable material and thismeans that the jeans can easily and completely breakdown intocompost. However in order to fasten the process and acquire bestresults, the jeans should be torn into small pieces. Buttons, zippersand non-cotton embellishments should also removed before the jeansare put into the compost bins (Levi Strauss &ampCo, 2015). Inconclusion, the way to handle an old, out fashioned and unwanted jeanall depends on the consumer who bought it. Re-using and recycling isnot only creative and cheap but also environmental friendly. Thereare so many items which one can create out of an old jean. However,if re-using and re-cycling is impossible, one might consider givingaway the jeans or donating them to charity. One can also resell thewearable jeans which are re-worn by others. As much as possible,jeans should be made of cotton or other biodegradable materials tocreate a pollution-free environment.


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