My future wife



Myfuture wife

Myfuture wife

Marriageis an important aspect of an individual’s life. In all societies,young girls and boy are prepared using varies social and culturalaspects of marriage life. This is because through marriage, the basicunit of the society, a family, is established. There is a popularsaying that states that marriage is about engagement ring, weddingrind and suffering. This has resulted into a perception that marriagelife is always a difficult experience and some people do not wish toget married. However, this is not necessarily true. If a young man ora young woman get is most desirable mate, marriage leads to happinessrather than suffering. The instinct to find a perfect mate, wife orhusband is an inherent nature of human beings (Cox, 2013). I believeI am not an exceptional. Although describing a perfect mate is notobviously easy, at the back of my mind, I have a snap preview of someof the characteristics I would prefer in my future wife. Nonetheless,an individual has only one change to choose a mate.

Whenevera man thinks about getting married or finding a mate, the first thingthat comes to his mind is a pretty girl. Obviously, my future wifeshould be pretty in my own eyes. She should have sparkling eyes withlong eyes. Although the description of a pretty girl may vary fromone man to another, sparkling brown eyes are more attractive to me.Additionally, my future wife should have a perfect or near perfectbody shape. I am naturally attracted to tall and medium sized girls.However, she should not be very tall.

Anotherimportant quality of my future wife is an intelligent and educatedwoman. In my own understanding the role of a wife is to enrich thelife of a man. A family established by two intelligent partnersdevelops easily since they are able to share ideas and thoughts. Ibelief matching my intellectual and education level with my futurepartner is essential in establishing a happy and fulfilling marriagelife.

Iwas brought in a society and family that values culture. In my nativecommunity in Saudi Arabia, culture plays an important role in afamily. I would like my future family be founded on a strong culture.As a result, my preferred future wife should come from a culturallysubmerged family from Saudi Arabia. It is easier to understand awoman with a strong cultural background because it is easier to dealwith her as a person. Additionally, the culture of the potential wifehas an influence on the family relationship as well as the culturalvalues adopted by the children. It is also important to note thatwhile a wife can be perfect, cultural factors may result intoproblems in the family due to irritating parents. The future in-lawswill therefore influence my choice of a wife.

Ideally,marriage is a life long relationship and is expected to last for therest of the couples’ life. Thus, the relationship between thespouses should become stronger with time. This happens as the man andwoman gain more understanding of each other. Therefore, the mostimportant aspect of my future wife is that she should be my bestfriend. A friend is an individual who is ready to emotionally andphysically take care of the other. should be able tocomfort me when I am troubled as well as have fun with during myleisure time. These characteristics are what I would consider anideal girl to be my future wife.


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