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DescribingMy Wife

Oneof the aspects that propel a strong and everlasting relationship notonly in friendship, but also in a marriage relationship betweenhusband and wife is better understanding of the person one is or maybe in love with. Having been raised in Najran, Saudi Arabia I lookforward to marrying a girl from the same region, make her my lovelywife, and mother to my children, and in turn raise my family as well.

Referredto many by my family name, Abdullah, I have grown to become a decentand responsible man, and look forward to marry the best woman I can.Every man dreams to have the best qualities in a wife, and I too lookforward to marrying the best woman with the best characters. One ofthe aspects that I look forward in a woman is that, she should bebeautiful, and respecting. As a Muslim, choosing wife requires one tohave his priorities straight and in turn identify the key orimportant characters in a woman that one is looking for (Charleset al 26).According to the Muslim teachings, a woman is married for her deen,wealth and beauty, and I look forward to marrying the woman with thebest characters as a woman, and as a wife.

Ihave always adored funny and cute ladies, and I look forward tomarrying a woman who is both cute and funny. This would make mymarriage an interesting union. Moreover, I will marry a woman who ishardworking, nice, funny and sociable not only to me, but also totheir family members and the community at large. In addition to thisAbdullah wants his wife to be religious, and a true Muslim woman, whorespects her husband, family and every other person (Charleset al 31).The woman I marry should be caring to both me and our children, notto mention being affectionate, approachable, and attentive to me.

Marriageis one of the respectable aspects in the Muslim religion, and havinga successful marriage depends heavily on the virtues and charactersof both the man and the woman involved in the marriage union. Amlooking forward for a courteous woman, who will be devoted, diligentand faithful to me and our marriage. Gentle, intelligent, kind andloving are essential aspects that define my woman. Marriage is aserious institution and requires the right attitude. Besides, amlooking forward to a woman who is devout, believing, a woman who isknown for her patience and constantly, one who humbles herself, givescharity, as well as who fasts and denies herself, guards herchastity, and most importantly praises Allah. Additionally, it hasbeen my dream to marry a woman who is loyal to me, neat, modest, aswell as self-discipline. These characters would an essential aspecttowards raising a string and reliable family as well as being a goodfoundation for my family and children as well.

Insummary, the characteristic of women in marriage has been known togreatly contribute to the successfulness of a marriage and a familyat large. I have been on the look out to find a woman who fulfills mydesires of the best characters that I would adore in a woman. In anutshell, am looking forward to a religious, faithful, honest andhardworking and, who will always respect me and be a good mother tomy children. Women are an essential pillar in our lives and I lookforward to having, and marrying the best in my life who fulfills mydesires in a woman, in terms of characters.


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