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Organizational structure

The best organizational structure that describes the organizationhierarchy is matrix organizational structure. The organizationstructure is that which provides for reporting levels in bothvertical and horizontal form (Marquis &amp Huston, 2012). In theorganization structures, employees have been considered to be part offunctional group and are able to serve on a team that supportsdevelopment of new products and making new decisions in theorganization.

Decision making in the organization is not by only management butthere is involvement of all workers in the organization. Decisionmaking in the organization is decentralized. In the decision makingprocess, the employees have responsibility not only for the projectsin their departments but for all the organization projects.

In the structure, there are functional managers and product managers.The functional managers are the ones in charge in making decision onthe production and quality controlling. They also are concerned withmaking decisions on marketing (Marquis &amp Huston, 2012). Productmanagers are involved in making decisions on purchases of internalresources.

The use of matrix structure has been able to improve nursing goals inthe organization. Decentralized decision making has involved everyonein the organization making it possible to come up with the bestdecisions and the nursing departments are able to work towardsachieving the goals (Berggren &amp Carlstrom, 2010). The improvementof nursing is also through strong product and project co-ordinationin the structure. Matrix structure implemented in the organizationhas allowed improved monitoring of the environment. The monitoringhas enabled achievement of objectives since the mistakes that aremade in the process can be corrected (Downey, Parslow&amp Smart,2011).

Challenges the come in the structure such as potential confusion inthe authorities and responsibility are dealt with such that nursesare able to well know the activities to carry out and thecontribution on decisions of the organization.


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