Organizational Structure, Audience, and Action Plan

OrganizationalStructure, Audience, and Action Plan

OrganizationalStructure, Audience, and Action Plan

Theselected audience for the organizational structure is the board ofdirectors. There are several rationales for selecting the board ofdirectors as the appropriate audience for the presentation. Forexample, the board of directors is quite influential compared toother stakeholders in the organization and plays a critical role indecision making (Ryan, 2014 and Kleiman, 2014). This means thataddressing the board of directors will increase the probability forthe development of the long-term care facility. Studies have shownthat the number of people entering the age bracket of older adults,especially the baby boomers who are at a higher risk of sufferingfrom long-term illnesses (Brandon, 2014). Informing the board ofdirectors with such trends will convince them to support the newproject of development the long-term care center. In addition, theboard of directors is better positioned to look for grants, funders,advocates, and supporters to help in the development of the projectthat is intended to increase the range and quality of care deliveredto the community.


Thepresentation will be accomplished through research where crediblesecondary and primary sources will be contacted. The introductionwill provide an explanation of what the organization wishes toaccomplish. The introduction will also help in the development of thetheme. Some of the factors that will be included in the body of thepresentation include

  • The current organizational structure

  • The effect of the organizational structure on communication

  • External and internal factors that should be considered

  • Steps necessary for the implementation of change

  • Strategies that are required to influence change and reduce conflicts

  • Impacts of human and financial resource management

  • Ethical issues considered in the health care sector

Afterconducting the background research on all the necessary topics, thedraft presentation will be developed. The draft will be enhanced withvisual aids and edited.


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