Personal selling


Thegrowing importance of personal selling in a business to businessenvironment

Personalselling can be defined as a selling technique involved between anindividual to another individual and between the seller as well asthe prospective buyer. consists of directcommunication and human contact rather than the impersonal masscommunication (Anderson&amp Dubinsky, 2004).It involves the development of customer relationship, communicatingas well as discovering the customers’ needs. It also helps thesellers to match the appropriate products with their specific needs.There are numerous benefits attributable to personal sellingstrategy. In personal selling, the sales person is the catalyst thatmakes the reaction in a business’s marketing activities. This makesit a pivotal tool for a business to be competitive hence offering abenefit to the business in its respective environment. This impliesthat there is a great importance of personal selling in the businessas far as its business environment is concerned as the documentdiscusses.


Marketshare is a very crucial factor in the business world. It is the soledeterminant of the sales the business will be making and therebydetermine whether the enterprise will run at a profit or loss. Thefact that the business environment or market is constant, while allthe entrepreneurs are struggling for it, market share is hencedetermined by how competitive the business is (Brinkman, 2002).Competitiveness of a business is determined by the techniques abusiness will employ to win the trust of the customers or the market. is a vital tool that can help a business to outdoits competitors. It is beneficial to both the seller and the buyerand hence will play a vital role in the business environment.

Oneof the reasons as to why personal selling is becoming increasinglyimportant is because of persuading prospects it offers. The salesrepresentatives utilize their personal selling skill in increasingthe chances of making successful sales.helps inunderstanding the needs of the prospect and thus develops a solutionto those needs. The solution is offered by the supply of a service ora product that that offers strong benefits and that will representthe value for money. In case the prospects pose some objections, thesales representatives make use of the persuasion powers in overcomingthe objections. It offers the entrepreneurs with an opportunity toconvince the prospects that by considering their products, they aremaking the rights choices.

Thiscan be referred&nbspas one of the reasons why the importance ofpersonal selling is growing. The fact that entrepreneur is offeredwith a golden opportunity to persuade the prospects. In other words,he or she can understand the projections in the business environmentand respond to the prior to the real time. Besides the entrepreneurmaking profits, the market will not lack essential products orservices at the right time (Cohen &ampAmericus, 2006). This impliesthat the entrepreneur will always be a solution to all the businessenvironment’s needs. This will also help the business that ismaking use of personal selling an opportunity to be a step ahead oftheir competitors. By so doing the business will manage to win thetrust of many customers in the market hence gaining a bigger marketshare.

Thefact that personal selling will help entrepreneurs to project thefuture and make it act to its advantage makes it a crucial technique.This advantage has, therefore, triggered many businesses to adopt thetechnique so as to enjoy this benefit and hence win the trust of mostcustomers. The technique incorporates sales promotion andadvertising. The difference between this technique and otheradvertising techniques is that sales are assured. offer gives the salespeople an opportunity to find the prospectivebuyers, demonstrate the product or services being sold, explainingthe operation and then convince the customers to purchase theproduct.

Theentrepreneur can also install the product and also offer theafter-sale services. This is a unique strategy since no otherpromotion can manage to do all these functions. canalso be termed as a complete promotional technique that helps insatisfying the customers. The customer’s satisfaction plays a vitalrole in ensuring that the customers gain trust in this business(Kelly, 2005). By so doing the business will enjoy a competitiveadvantage over its competitors. This has, therefore, caused manybusinesses to start adopting this technique.

Similarly,personal selling plays a pivotal role in the management of the salescycle. The personal selling is crucial to the companies which aremarketing their products which require long sales cycle. In thebusiness to business marketing, the prospects move via a buyingprocess that utilizes a couple of stages. These stages include needidentification, specification development, potential suppliers’selection, evaluating the suppliers’ offerings as well as the finalpurchasing decision (Brewer et al., 2006). The sales representativesusing the personal selling strategy have the power of influencingevery strategy of the process. This is by enhancing the prospectsreceive the pricing, product as well as the technical informationthey require so as to decide. They also maintain a contact with thedecision makers in the entire sales cycle.

Similarly,the strategy plays a pivotal role in the development of customerrelationships. This helps in building long-term sustainable revenuefor the future (Cant&amp Van, 2004).The entrepreneurs incorporate the selling skills in developing strongrelationships with its customers. It also offers the entrepreneurswith an opportunity to contact the customers even after sales havebeen made. These strategies help the business to win the trust of thecustomers which in turn increases the sales of the business and theprofit (Maignan &amp Ferrell, 2004). It enjoys the biggest marketshare and also supplies the market and influences the marketenvironment greatly.


Thediscussion above has revealed that personal selling works by creatinga cordial relationship between the customers and the business. In thebusiness world the customers are vital aspects. Once an entrepreneurmanages to win the trust of many customers the more advantageous, itis to him or her. By so doing, he has power to influence the marketenvironment. The techniques employed by personal selling as atechnique help the entrepreneur to understand the market environmentwell and assures him or her making sales. This has triggered thegrowth in its importance.


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