Pigeons and City Landscape


Pigeonsand City Landscape

Pigeonsand City Landscape

Ina typical urban setting, the existence of pigeons is a valuableaspect in formulating a captivating landscape for a city. Pigeonsmake a city look beautiful and naturally alive. They give a city thenatural aspect of existence, which connects people to theirenvironment. The landscape of a city is a multi-dimensional conceptthat incorporates several aspects of life. These aspects include boththe natural elements of life and the artificial aspects of an areawhich pigeons perfectly bring in a city. Therefore, people depend onthe pigeons for the landscape of a city. While some people maydiscredit the role that pigeons play, others value the change thatthey make in the city environment.

Everythingin a city has advantages and disadvantages and so are pigeons. Theycreate some nuisance, which can be termed as a disadvantage thatcomes along with the beauty they bring to the city. However, thisnuisance is necessary in the creation of the landscape that isappreciated from pigeons. Their noise makes the spaces they occupylivelier and naturally acceptable to the residents who like thelandscape and preferto replicate. This becomes like an habbits or aphenomenon with appetites that people seek to maintain and replicate(Klosterman,2013).This may be the reason why people feed them, and encourage theirexistence. It is for this reason that pigeons give the downtownspaces they occupy some kind of definition and identity.

Ifthere were no pigeons in a city, the city would still be described bythe definitions of a city, and would have a landscape. However, thelandscape would be differently defined because it would lack thelively and noisy appeal that pigeons bring in the environment. Whilethe city would change, its existence would not be lost. The identityof the city spaces occupied by the pigeons would be degraded becauseof the lack of the definition that relates to the pigeons.


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