Planning for Wedding

Planningfor Wedding

Planning my brother’s weddingparty in preparation of the wedding plan and is challenging for me.This is because it’s my first time so I have to handle with himfirst and then with the restaurant and his demand on the live bandduring his wedding, while handling his live band activities. I wouldwant to plan how much it going to cost so I have to come up withbudget. So I have to come up with budget plan, for example, I have tovisit a number of restaurants and seek the best price among them,while comparing their offer.

First of all, I will include allof the experienceof the wedding party for men only and the guests’ food and drinks.I estimated the food and the drinks to cost around $10,000, whichwill include renting the venues to accommodate 200 people. Secondly,the live band will be according to the culturalpolicy to Arabicculture, in order tobring a live band to the wedding party so the guests can have someentertainment and they could dance the traditional dance since it’svery important. The local band might cost $5,000 that includes theinstrument and the equipment.

Although my brother’s weddingceremony could be entirely solemn, and was covered with artisticrelevance, there was slight importance in moments of levity, whichincluded games. These moments of relevance presented an opportunity,which helped break the ice to get to know one another (Williams,2000). What had been planned was that the favorite and most importantparts of the wedding would be the game where the game will involve mybrother and his bride to be competing to see would throw food thefurthest. The relevance would be to indicate would be dominant intheir relationship. This way, it would also serve as a reminder orsomewhat popularizing certain customs among the brides and grooms whowould smash cakes on each other’s faces.

The Arab culture could however behighlighted with minimal chances of hurting people’s feelings. Frommy view, even though variation was much more widely accepted in termsof feeding tradition on one’s new bride, then symbolism meant a lotto them than it could have to my brother, for example. This may alsostem from the fact that relationship customs originates from smashingof food over what could be a bride’s fertility, and then reactionswould be considered a perfectly done art, symbolized by makeup andair frosting (Williams, 2000). I then imagined what could be theopposite effect on it today.

From the three lexicons wereincluded in the plan which drew great importance to the wedding. Thiswould be because of great importance to the Arabic culture, with thefamily being of great importance to individuality, self-reliance andthe thought of responsibility to both the bride and groom’s parentsto them. What would be of great importance to Arab culture is loyaltyfrom the bride and groom on their parents (Williams, 2000). Arabculture, which could be taught at the wedding, will draw greatlessons to the needs of an individual and obligations that takeprecedence on the demands of the job or from friends.

In conclusion, experiences at thewedding party will be based much on the families’ social exchanges.Experience, as one of the lexicon, will include exchanges that resultin the outcome from outside the Arab culture. Such benefits includecareful socializing in situations that interprets gossip andtarnished reputation. Wedding practices, however, differ in varyingcultural settings, with stricter ones experienced with those withgreat value.


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