President Abraham Lincoln`s Obituary

PresidentAbraham Lincoln’s Obituary


PresidentAbraham Lincoln’s Obituary

PresidentAbraham Lincoln’s Obituary

[TheNew York Times, April 16, 1865]

The16thPresident of the United States, Abraham Lincoln dies from a bulletwood

AbrahamLincoln the 16thpresident of the United States died on 15thApril 1865, some few minutes past 7.00 am from a bullet wound, whichhe sustained from John Booth. It is sad to note that the Presidentdied just some few days after the American Civil War had productivelyended. It is important to point out that President Lincoln has been asignificant figure in the fight to end American Civil War (Johnson,2012). President Lincoln will remain to be remembered as the one ofthe wisest and effective leaders in the world, and in particular, forhis efforts and commitments to see to it that the American Civil Warcame to an end. President Lincoln had a firm stand in ending theCivil War and has undergone extreme pressures such as assassinationthreats, losses of lives on the battlefields and strong oppositionfrom political groups. Politically, the President signed various actsand enacted policies to ensure the damaging Civil War did not go onforever.

Froma social point of view, President Lincoln impacted so much on livesof American people especially the poor communities. The presidentimplemented various policies such as the Homestead Act, which focusedon improving the lives of the poor people both socially andeconomically by allowing them to own land. Several acts whichPresident Lincoln has signed during his reign such as the NationalBanking Act, aimed at improving the economy of Americans and theNation as a whole (Roark et al., 2014). It can be said that it isthrough the Presidents efforts and good leadership that the Americanhas ended. The ending of the Civil War will greatly impact positivelyon American’s future socially, economically and politically.

PresidentAbraham Lincoln’s Obituary

[Frompage 2 of The New York Times, April 16, 2015]

FromAmerican history, Abraham Lincoln, the 16thPresident of the United States, died on 15thApril 1865 from a bullet wound which he sustained from an actor andConfederate sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth. It is important to pointout that President Lincoln is a known figure up to date mainly due tohis political, social and economical contributions especially duringand after the American Civil War (Roarket al., 2014). Besides effectively ending the Civil War, PresidentLincoln impacted greatly on the nation’s social fabric by endingslavery. All historical documents argue that among all the AmericanPresident, Lincoln is one of the most effective leaders, who apartfrom growing the American economy significantly, impacted positivelyon the social lives of poor Americans.

Manysuccessful leaders all over the world emulate Lincoln’s type ofleadership. Contrary to many leaders who reigned during that era,Lincoln embraced a kind of leadership, which considered people’sopinions instead of being an authoritarian. President Lincoln’sleadership skills and character impact on the current society invarious ways. It is important to note that many leaders tend to lookup to a role model to guide them in their leadership and Lincoln’sis one of the most preferred role model not only as a wise leader butalso for his humble character. Lincoln’s speeches and quotes areamong the most cited throughout the world. It can be can be concludedthat several decades after his demise, Lincoln, policies which heenacted during his error still impacts on the lives of Americansespecially the poor Americans.



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