Prevention Program Brochure

PreventionProgram Brochure

PreventionProgram Brochure

HazeldenBetty Ford Foundation Teen Intervene substance abuse program is aprogram designed to prevent drug use among the youth. The targetgroup for this program is mainly youth as well as teenagers inschool.

Theprogram is concerned with delay of first use among teenagers as a wayto prevent substance abuse later in life.

Thisnotion is based on research which suggests that teenagers who havedrugs before the age of 14 are at high risk of abusing drugs thanthose who start drugs after the age of 21.This is a primaryprevention program since it targets on preventing teenagers fromengaging in drugs. The program intervenes before teenagers can getinto drugs.

Theprotective factors that the program suggests are for primaryprevention and include

Strongfamily relations, parental involvement in the life of a child, clearparental expectations and repercussions, academic success, conventionnorms regarding drug and alcohol abuse, strong relation or engagementwith pro-social institutions like church school and community.

Inaddition, the program engages a comprehensive approach in which theentire village is involved in drug abuse prevention among teenagers.Everyone is a stakeholder in this program. It involves teenagers aspartners of drug abuse prevention, schools, parents, and communities.

Ultimatelyit emphasizes on everyone to take responsibility to ensure thatteenagers do not get involved in drugs at an early age and hence aresafe from the effects of drug and substance abuse later in theirlife.

TeenIntervene program is a program amid several other programs under theHazelden Betty Ford Foundation that is focused on improving the livesof teenagers by ensuring that they stay away from drug abuse.


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