Process Analysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital



ProcessAnalysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital

ProcessAnalysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital

ArnoldPalmer Hospital is one of the biggest and busies maternity andchildren hospital in the United States. The hospital deals withmedical treatment and nursing of women and children. Since thehospital was established in 1989, it has served over one and halfmillion children and women in the United States. The hospital israted the fourth business delivery hospital in the world.Additionally, in the south east of United States, the hospital hasthe largest intensive care unit dealing with children and mothers.Due to the sensitivity of infant children and mothers’ health, thehospital has developed an efficient process that promotes patientsatisfaction and safety. As a result, the hospital is ranked amongthe best five hospitals in the United States. According to themanagement, the success of the hospital can be attributed to the“continuous improvement of the process”. The hospital hasestablished a process flow chart that gives the standard procedurethat speeds up the admission and patient service. The flow chartoutline the process through which a patient goes through from thetime she is admitted to the facility (Heizer &amp Render, 2014). Asa result, workers have a standard operating procedure which improvesthe quality of service and effectiveness of the hospital. Processflow charts have important impacts on the effectives of health carefacilities. For example, it is easier for a new worker in thehospital to understand the processes in the facilities (Wolper,2004). Additionally, the flow chart enables the management toidentify some of the challenges facing the process. This includesidentifying internal weakness, duplication of processes anddifferencing between complex and simple processes (Langabeer, 2008).


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