1. Elements of project

XYZInc is accepting proposals for the design, development and hosting ofa new website. The request for proposal is an aimed at evaluating thepotential providers. The company has an existing website which wasdesigned in 2009 and is maintained in house. The proposal should bereceived by close of business 31 July, 2015. The successful candidatewill be notified within a fortnight, and negotiations on the terms ofcontract will begin immediately. The project should be complete bymid September and be ready for use by end of September. The proposalshould be all inclusive including the price, execution of work,subcontracts and should be signed by the authorized officer in thecompany. The terms of the contract will be negotiated after thesupplier is selected and the contract will be awarded to the supplierafter the terms of contracts have been reviewed and agreed upon(Lyons, 2012).

Themain purpose of the project is to have an up to date website in termsof the content, structure and appearance. This includes reengineeringthe existing website by incorporating new technologies. XYZ Inc willbe responsible for administration and maintenance of the website.Therefore, the site should be informative, but relatively easy tomaintain and able to accommodate changes in information. Theobjective of the website is to act as a marketing tool by creatingbrand awareness and identify.

  1. scope and WBS

Theproject scope mainly outlines the main objectives of a project. Thisobjective should be SMART, specific, measurable, attainable,realistic and timely. However, in some cases, some aspects of theproject scope are likely to escalate (Linton, 2014). For example, ina project in which ABC University seeks to upgrade its WIFItechnologies to increase accessibility within the campus, there aresome scopes that are likely to escalate. Mainly, the cost of theproject and the time required to complete the project are the mainaspects that are likely to escalate.

WBS for a website design and development



Selection of layout

Design of graphics

Approval of graphic


Selection of contributors

Writing of content

Approval of content

Inserting contents in the pages


Set up in the test environment


Website approval

Website setup in the live environment


Linton,T. (2014). management essentials,South Melbourne, Vic. Cengage Learning Australia.

Lyons,N. (2012). Interactive Management: Pixels, People, andProcess, ISBN 013293132X New Riders.