Thetopic chosen for this research project would be prostitution. By mostaccounts, prostitution is the oldest profession. If it was any otherprofession, it would have been considered an essential achievementfor an individual. Unfortunately, prostitution does not enjoy therespect that every other profession claims. In fact, it is notconsidered a profession at all. It is illegal in most parts of thecountry, and even when it is legal it comes with way too many stringsattached McHugh,P. (2013).

Inthis paper, I will look at the legality of prostitution. is also one of those things that is everywhere around us, and yet,everybody seems to assume that it does not exist. This paper willalso focus on the sort of work around that prostitution services useto market themselves. Moreover, it will also look at premiumprostitution services such as escorts which are much more organized.

Thepaper will also find out more about the effect of prostitution onsociety, and also on those who make available prostitution as aservice. What sort of impact this has on prostitutes? The paper willalso look at statistics related to those who use prostitutionservices. What type of people use these services and what are theprimary physical as well as emotional reasons that these services areused.

Thereis also the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. The paper willadd segments related to this. There also appears to be someconnection between pornography and prostitution. In both cases, thereare people being paid to have sex. What is the connection between thepornography industry and the prostitution industry? These aspectswill also be observed in the paper.

Theabove topics listed are based on preliminary topics. As the researchpaper progresses, more topics will be included to make it a wholesomepackage.


McHugh,P. (2013). and Victorian social reform.Routledge.