Question 2


Asafety valve is a device that controls the passage of fluid in onedirection only, by creating a block that prevents the back pass ofthe fluid. The function of a safety valve is to actuate automaticallywith the pressure. When the pressure is high on one side, the safetyvalve allows passage of liquid through the inlet of the valve.However, when the pressure is low on the side, the safety valvecloses the inlet in a manner that prevents the flow of the liquid tothe source direction. This functionality makes it defined as a safetyvalve. When Fredrick Turner talks about the west being a safetyvalve, he means that the West frontier that allowed Americans toexpand westward gave them opportunities to escape the problems oftheir old residences and restart their lives. According to Turner’s,the west acted just like the way a safety valve functions to actuateautomatically as the pressure from the inlet side of the valve rises,and closes when the pressure reduces.