Report on the Review


Reporton the Review

Reporton the Review

Thereview involved evaluation of my qualification for the applicationand my competencies. The reviewer focused on evaluating my resume asit relates to my qualification for working in the hospitalityindustry. The reviewer was impressed with a number of my areas ofportfolio. First, the reviewer was impressed with my clear resumethat I submitted during the interview. Secondly, the reviewer wasimpressed with my personal mission statement. In this statement, Ihad clearly articulated my purpose in the career and the mission thatI seek to achieve. Moreover, the reviewer was impressed by thegeneral organization of the portfolio

Inaddition, the reviewer was impressed with the references I had givento testify my assertions. At the same time, the summary of mylearning experiences in relation to the hospitality career seemed todraw most of the interest. The reviewer seemed to be more interestedin the evidence of the samples of college work. This is because thesample of college work demonstrates my working skills in relation tothe qualification on the hospitality major. The same interest wasdrawn to the awards and the certificates presented.

However,a few items were lacking. The reviewer suggested I would add a formalCover Letter that detailed my career goals and qualifications.According to Innes (2012), a cover letter is important because ithelps the candidate to sell his portfolio to the interviewer. Inaddition, the reviewer requested a description of the skills I didwith each of the previous job I had listed on my resume.Thereviewer was Misty Rabon from Ally Home Care. He reviewed myportfolio on 15thJuly 2015. At the company, the reviewer is the Office Manager andMarketing Coordinator. Thereview was insightful and I appreciate it, and would like to workwith the reviewer in the future.


Innes,J. (2012). TheInterview Book: Your definitive guide to the perfect interview.London:Pearson UK