Sociology of education

Sociologyof education

Asexplained by Ballantine and Hammack (2012), sociology of education isa sociology subcategory that is focused on the study and analysis ofeffects and outcomes of public institutions as well as people’sexperiences on education. In that case, this subfield of sociologymainly focuses on the systems of public schools in the modernindustrial societies. This also covers adult, higher, continuing andfurther and education. In regards to these, sociology of educationexplain the various theoretical perspectives of education which hasbeen seen by many as a human behavior that is very optimisticcharacterized by progress and betterment aspirations. The varioustheories contained in this subfield include political arithmetictradition, structural and agency and structural functionalism amongother theories.

“TrustingEach Other: Student-Counselor Relationships in Diverse High Schools”is one of the journal articles on sociology of education. Thisarticle analyses the relationship of students and their counselors tofind out the various obstacles that build up distrusts between them.This is based on the fact a large number of students who aspire tojoin college go through a challenge in the process of applicationwhile they cannot rely on their counselors. One of the current topicshighlighted in the articles is trust across race and class which isbased on the diversity of students in institutions. According toHolland (2015), the different races and social classes of counselorsand students can be a major issue that can affect how they twointeract and relate. This means that students from a certain race mayfind it difficult to trust a counselor from a different race.

Anothermajor topic was modeling of communication in institutions to aid inenhancing the trust between student and their counselors. This isconsidered necessary to make the bonding of students and counselorvery comfortable and avoid distrust resulting from the diversity ofstudents and counselors in institutions (Holland, 2015). Generally,the issues discussed in the article focus on handling distrust ofstudents towards their counselors as a result of diversity in highschools.


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