Spouse Abuse and Child Abuse by Army Soldiers

Running head: SPOUSE ABUSE AND CHILD ABUSE BY ARMY SOLDIERS 1 SpouseAbuse and Child Abuse by Army SoldiersInstitutionalAffiliationSpouseAbuse and Child Abuse by Army Soldiers


Thisliterature discusses the works of Martin SL, Gibbs DA, Johnson RE andRentz ED a family journal that was published in 2007. The journalindicates the domestic violence, involving spouse abuse and childmaltreatment is a thing of public concern in families where one ofthe spouses is a military officer (Martin, et al., 2007). The studyillustrates that many violence that involves military families areunknown to many people due to the few studies that have beencontacted in the area. The risk of violence among the militaryfamilies according to the study is projected to increase with theincreased stress in the life of a military officer. Violence iscommon among the military families as compared to the civilianfamilies due to the stress that they go through while on duty. Apartfrom the violence they expose their families to, they also serve afunction of protecting their families during the time of danger. Thestudy also indicates that the rate of military officers violatingtheir spouses is higher followed by those that abuse their childrenand lastly is the combination of the two. To end the violence, theFamily Advocacy Program offers therapeutic care and preventivemeasures for Army families (Martin, et al., 2007).

Critiqueand Discussion

From the study, it is evident that there are many cases of violencein the Army families. We expect that the Army should be the rolemodels to the civilians to ensure that violence does not arise amongthem. The study has found out that most of the Army officers thatabuse their families and children are stressed with their tedious andstressful work (Martin, et al., 2007). They should find somethingconstructive to do to relax their minds after hard task instead ofengaging in domestic violence with their family members. Abusing thechildren puts the children under the risks of evading marriage infuture since the children will be traumatized by the experiences thatthey have undergone through (Martin, et al., 2007). This idea issupported by NCWWI that has the mandate of creating a good futureleadership among children by teaching them good ethics of the societyand protecting them from parent abuses. The work of NCWWI is toeducate the families on how to raise their children to become futureleaders by subjecting them to good morals and not violence.

To reduce the rate of violence in Army families, the soldiers whocommit the offence should be punished accordingly to prevent anyfuture incidents of violence. Those that show multiple offensesshould be denied access to their families for a long period untilthey change their attitude and manner of handling their families.NCWWI also offers some punishment to be imposed on parents that abusetheir children. The officers who are fond of abusing their spousesshould be denied freedom of interacting with them since this actionwould assist to control their behavior (Martin, et al., 2007). Whendenied freedom of meeting their family members, the officers willmiss their family members and in the long-run, they will value themand learn how to treat them in the most appropriate way. Theincidents of the Army officers abusing their children should bereported to NAWS advocacy to ensure that their welfare is safeguardedby their parents. This will enable the children to be good leaders.The cases of spouse abuse should be reported to the governmentagencies that deal with such kinds of cases and the party that isfound guilty prosecuted according to the law. This will help endMilitary family violence.


Martin,S. L., Gibbs, D. A., Johnson, R. E., Rentz, E. D., Clinton-Sherrod,M., &amp Hardison, J. (2007). Spouse abuse and child abuse by armysoldiers. Journalof Family Violence, 22(7),587-595.