The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital


TheCulture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital

Patientsneed to have a say in respect to the care that they receive. Gettingfeedback from patients is a critical element as this can aid ahospital in enhancing its services (Coulter, 2011). For instance,when patients provide a non-satisfactory feedback concerning theservices provided, a hospital can be in a position to use thefeedback in improving services offered by a hospital. Therefore,patients’ feedbacks are significant to hospitals in enhancingservice delivery (Mahmud, 2011). Arnold Palmer Hospital has been in aposition to involve customers in order to understand patients’expectations (Heizer, 2013). Once patients have informationconcerning their health concerns and available treatment options,they stand at a good edge of judging the kind of care that theyreceive. Arnold Palmer Hospital seems to understand this, which makesthe hospital value the feedback that they receive from patients.

ArnoldPalmer Hospital has been capable of building a culture of quality byconcentrating on high satisfaction rating and through maintaining ahigh survival rate on babies that are critically ill (Heizer, 2013).This is a significant culture and hospitals need to develop such aculture, which would ensure that the provision of quality services topatients. Hospitals may involve quality assurance teams as well aspatients in order to support a culture of quality. Besides, it isalso critical for hospitals to be reliable and accurate in theprovision of care. In ensuring reliability and accuracy, hospitalsmay use new technologies such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR)that would eliminate the creation of medical errors. Just like thecase for Arnold Palmer Hospital, hospitals should focus on providingaccurate information that would ensure the quality of care.


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