The Program


Themovie program is based on the college football playing setting withvarious characters who portray their different careers in thesociety. The main characters include characters, Coach Sam Winters,Darnell Jefferson and Autumn Haley. The main themes discussed in themovie include the drug abuse effects, alcoholism, love andrelationships among other college life issues affecting students intheir early life career development.

Thecoaching career involves a lot of pressure in managing the team andshare of responsibilities. Coach Winter is taken to task of managingthe team of teenagers who are influenced by the college life, peerpressure, drug abuse and alcoholism among other society issues suchas the family set up and upbringing issues. It is a hard job for himto balance the football life of these kids and their focus on beinggood players in the field. First he has to win trophies at the end ofthe day hence he takes it as his responsibility to do the best incoaching the team. Secondly the coach has to develop the careers ofthese students in the field for future career skills and talentgrowth.

Amongthe career focus in the movie is also the alumni association whocorrupt the players from the team and the team players who strugglewith the balance between their life and their football careers. Onemain character in the movie Jefferson struggles between balancing hisstudies, the love affair, and the academic performance in order toremain relevant in his football career. Many are the players in thelife of athletics are faced with similar challenges among them thedrug and substance abuse that lead to their disqualification in theparticipation in the field.

Manyathletes in the world today are faced with the challenge of balancingtheir personal life and their careers as the athletes that have seenmany of them lose fortunes. The balance between the athletecareer-life requires discipline and trust even in the developed setup. It is the lack of discipline that sees Steve Lattimer drop out ofthe team due to the abuse of performance enhancing drugs.