The Rise of Conservatism

Running head: THE RISE OF CONSERVATISM 1 TheRise of Conservatism TheRise of Conservatism

Throughoutthe American history, the concept of liberalism and conservatism hasremained to be the same. After having reviewed the political compass,it is clear that a liberal person is a person who takes time andmakes an informed judgment after having analyzed the situationcritically. Every individual in the world has his or her own desireto achieve the similar things. One of the things that an individualaims to achieve is freedom. In the text, I learned that a liberal isan individual who believes in the fact that the government has a rolein ensuring that equality and same opportunities are available forall individuals. The role of the government is to alleviate allsocial evil and protect civil liberties (Barnes, &amp Bowles, 2014).

Conservative individual is one who believes in his responsibility.Under this, the government does not have a role but it is the role ofan individual to do things responsibly. Conservatism was on the risein the 20th century due to the high economic recession that hit manyparts of the world and the States of America (Smith, 1990). I believeit is during this time of economic backwardness that Conservativedemanded the government to help people solve the problems ofunemployment, poverty and other economic problems that affected thecountry during that period of economic crisis. It is during this timethat most of the immigrants were moving from other poor countries insearch of greener pastures in the US. The Conservatism increased inthe country, as there was a need to advocate the issue of increasedracism in the US. They demanded the government to help in controllingracial discrimination directed at the black immigrants by the whites.

Conservatism policies have been used to transform the lives ofindividuals in America since they address the problems that thecitizens face and offer a solution to those problems. They have beenused as a ladder to development in the US, and this indicates whyAmerica is more developed than other countries in the world.Conservatism can be negative in such a way that it can lead toeconomic backwardness (Geiger, 1993). This can arise from the factthat most conservatives believe that all people are the same wealthwise, racially, and have the same amount efforts. This belief limitsthe ability of individuals to search for more wealth for them henceit is the reason behind stagnating economy.


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