Tragedy and Comedy

Tragedyand Comedy

Answerfour of the following six questions (25 points each):

  1. Sophocles presents Oedipus as a well-rounded human being, a man with positive and negative traits. Discuss five of these traits, giving an example from the play of when we witness each one.

Oneway that Sophocles portrays Oedipus as a well-rounded and positivehuman being is that he was already worried and stressed by themysterious plague that had already struck his subjects. “For yourpain comes to one man alone, To him and to non other, but my soulgroans for the state, for myself and for you” (Oedipus 141). Aresponsible leader worries about his kingdom just like Oedipusasserts that he is worried about the bad health state of his people.

Second,Sophocles portrays the king in a positive and dutiful perspectivewhen it records that he had already dispatched his brother-in-law,Creon, to Apollo’s Pythian Hills to learn what they could do to endthe plague. “Creon, my brother-in-law, I sent away Unto Apollo’sPythian halls to find what I might do or say to save the state”(Oedipus 141).

Third,he promises to let Laius’ murder to leave the kingdom scot-free ifhe or she could admit his mistake. The willingness to just expel themurder without killing him portrays him as an intelligent andnon-vindictive person just interested to solve the problems of hispeople. “If he fears, to clear the charge and he will suffer/Noinjury, but leave the land unharmed” (Oedipus 141).

Nonetheless,the Sophocles also portrays the King negatively after it emerges thathe was the murder and cause of the suffering of the people afterTeiresias reveals that the King had killed Laus. Oedipus was a greathero, but his action of killing the king of the heir he inherited forno definite reason shows his wicked side (Oedipus 158).

Onthe contrary, Oedipus is a positive and well-rounded man because hecrowns Creon after he learns that he was the cause of the plagueaffecting the people. Although fate had predicted that the eventswould occur he shoulders the guilt responsibility consciously. “Benot afraid. No mortal man/There is, except myself, to bear my evils”(Oedipus 160).

  1. Discuss five elements of Realism and offer examples of those elements in the play, A Doll House.

Inthe play, ADoll House,the theme of realism comes out in many occasions. First, the Helmer`sare portrayed as a family that is struggling financially. As aresult, Nora, the wife to Torvad Helmer ensures to live a frugal lifeso that the income her husband earns can be enough. However, shesuddenly becomes a spendthrift after her husband is promoted at thebank and starts earning a bigger salary. For example, her husbandcomments that she has bought excess Christmas gifts. In reality,spend more on luxurious goods just like Nora was doing.

Anotherrealism issue concerns Krogstad. Since he is incompetent and in badterms with Tovarld his boss, he secretly lends Nora money and retainsa document containing a forged signature from her father. Althoughthey had agreed with Nora she would repay the debt and he would keepthe loan a secret, he uses the conspiracy to blackmail her topersuade Tovarld to rehire him. Besides, he demands to be promoted ifhe was to withhold the secret. Finally, Krogstad deposits the letterat Helmer’s mail box. The reaction is emphasized on the realbehaviors of vindictive people.

Third,the play illustrates the reality of wealth when choosing a husband.Mrs. Linde preferred her deceased husband to Krogstad because he waswealthy. However, the husband must have known that her wife wasinterested in his money instead of his love. As such, he fails togive him a share of his wealth. This forces her to look for hisprevious lover who can at least support him financially.

Theplay was written in early nineteenth century. Nora’s submissivenessportrays the reality of typical women back then. She is a housewifewho is supposed to be completely submissive to her husband. As such,she takes the loan to pay for his husband’s mediation cost andrepays it secretly because women were viewed as inferior andincapable to accomplish the as much as men could do.

Finally,Dr. Rank’s courage to confess his love to Nora comes out when he isalmost dying. Consequently, the action stresses the reality thathumans come out at the last moments when they are sure that they havenothing to lose.

  1. Discuss five elements of Comedy found in Much Ado About Nothing, offering an example from the play of each element.

Oneof the elements of comedy in MuchAdo About Nothingincludes comedy through language. In many cases, he introduces humorusing insults, word play and metaphors. For instance, when Beatriceis talking to a messenger sent by Benedick, the young Lord of Padua,he inquires if the Lord exists in her books. In return, she respondscomically, “No.An he were, I would burn my study. But I pray you, who is hiscompanion? Is there no young squarer now that will make a voyage withhim to the devil?” (Much Ado about Nothing I.i).

Second,the creative ways that couples overcome obstacles preventing them toexperience love is also an element of comedy in Shakespearean comedy.For example, Claudio is tricked to believe Hero is unfaithful to himand that she dies after she frustrates her at the altar by failing tomarry her. However, the couple is reunited at the end of the play inan interesting twist of events. Claudio learns that her lover wasfaithful to hi and that hse was alive. Moreover, it is humorous thathe is overjoyed to marry Hero whom he had sometimes back declined.

Thetheme of mistaken identity is also a part of a comedy. For example,Don Claudio misguidedly believes that Hero was promiscuous. Don Johnuses a creative plat in collaboration with his friend just to ensureClaudio’s wedding fails.

Acomplex plot that culminates into joy is also a component ofShakespearean comedy. For example, the play reveals that Claudiofinally marries Hero whom he believed was dead. He is excited that hefinally weds his true love whom he believed died due to the shock shesuffered on the fateful wedding day.

  1. Discuss three things that create isolation for Mary Tyrone and two things that create isolation for her husband, James, in Long Day’s Journey into Night.

Oneof the things that enhance Mary Tyrone’s isolation from her familyis the morphine addiction that none of them approves. As a result,she distances herself from her loved ones in order to consume thedrug without arousing suspicion. Second, she is isolated from thefamily because she is occasionally booked in a sanatorium thatprovides her with treatment intended to break her addiction. Finally,she is annoyed by her husband’s stinginess. For example, she blameshi for her addiction because he failed to give her adequate moneythat she could use to seek appropriate pain treatment after she gavebirth.

Conversely,James’s acting career isolates him occasionally from his family.The profession requires him to travel to several destinations acrossthe globe without his family. Second, his wife constantly revisitsold fights that hinder reconciliation. Consequently, he prefers todistance himself from the family that appears to remind him of onlythe unpleasant memories in his life.