Training Plan and Methods


TrainingPlan and Methods

TrainingPlan and Methods

Operatingas a server at Red Robin may seem to be one of the easiest jobs,particularly given that it does not require as much skill as otherprofessions and careers. However, the manner in which one takesorders from clients determines their experience in the entity and,consequently, whether they ever come back. The most appropriatetraining method for servers in the entity would be a combination ofon-the-job training and role playing, where the later allowsindividuals to act out episodes that could take place in theworkplace. Fundamental skills that are often explored in role playingare negotiating, teamwork, handling difficult clients among others.taking orders requires varied steps to be taken.

First,avail yourself to the clients and ensure that they get a place tosit. Be polite and welcome them to the facility, while at the sametime providing them with a menu. Of course, they can place theirorders immediately or they may choose to take some time. In case ofthe latter, allow them to take all the time that they need and stepaway from them for some minutes. The customers may be uneasy tohaggle about the items on the menu when the server is around, inwhich case it is imperative that one steps aside.

Aftersome minutes, return to their table and ask whether they are ready toplace their orders, in which case you will be scribbling their orderson the notebook. Be sure to have sufficient information regarding theitems on the menu and offer to assist the clients in coming up withappropriate orders. In case the items the clients have chosen are outof stock, be sure to offer an alternative. Once the orders have beenprovided, be sure to provide the receipt with the costs incurredparticularly after the clients have finished.