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Information Technology Milestones Worksheet

BSHS/375 Version 1


Universityof Phoenix Material

InformationTechnology Milestones Worksheet

Completethe chart below. Include a minimum of 10 information technologymilestones or events that impacted human services.


Milestone or Event

Impact on Human Services


Amber Alerts

  • Provides an online integrated national database for missing children

  • Initiates a widespread alert when a child goes missing


Electronic medical filing

Filing the customer’s records online became easy as records were free from human-error.


Decision Support System

The system integrates corporate skills and human services to provide better services to clients.


Launch of Service Provider

Facilitated the use of credit cards for clients to make online payments. Payment of bills and other expenses became convenient for professional employees.


Implementation of the ASSIST System

Provide cross-system support for handling client data on demographics, service needs and service planning.


Online banking

Check bank account balance, checks and make payments through mobile devices. Receive e-statement minimizing the risk of identity theft.


Online shopping

Provide clients with the luxury of making sales and purchases through the virtual portal since payments were made through the use of credit and debit cards


Family watchdog

Allowed people to quickly access information on sex predators.


Emergency weather text alerts

Conveys emergency alerts to cell phones in regards to harsh weather conditions. The vibrating sensation created by the alert allows the cell phone user differentiate the alert from a normal text message.


Resource Services System

Provided citizens with an online database of all public, private and community-based human services to speed up the rate of accessing social services in all government institutions.


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